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Turntable - LUNAR 1

The LUNAR 1 is a manual vinyl turntable designed for playing 33 and 45 rpm vinyl records. Benefiting from excellent manufacturing quality, it is assembled in Europe in partnership with Pro-Ject.

Designed to offer sound quality and ease of use, the turntable has a tuned tonearm and a factorypreassembled cartridge. The drive is done by a flat belt located under the circular plate.

The LUNAR 1 turntable favors quality materials to restore all the richness and purity of your recordings. Its base is made of high density chipboard (25kg/ m3) to absorb vibrations and guarantee great sound purity. The platter is made from ABS polymer and reinforced with ribs to create a perfect anti-resonant platform for your vinyls.

Thought out down to the smallest detail, the lightweight, low-friction 8.6-inch aluminum tonearm is optimized for the cartridge OM-5E, cartridge with an elliptical profile diamond. The supplied phono cable has HP-OFC copper conductors and gold-plated RCA plugs for perfect sound signal conductivity.

Choosing the vinyl playback speed is easy thanks to the switch placed on the side of the turntable. To protect the board from dust, the LUNAR1 is equipped with an acrylic cover with adjustable hinges.

The LUNAR 1 is available in 5 finishes: Black, White, Blue, Green and Cream.