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Speaker Stand - S05

The S05 stands are designed for bookshelf models, ensuring stability and optimum speaker placement. With a height of 62cm, the S05 stands position your speakers at ear level, so you can hear your music in brilliant detail.

Designed for audiophile systems, the S05 benefits from a robust construction to absorb all speaker vibrations. The 18 x 29.5 cm top plate can accommodate most bookshelf speakers weighing up to 25 kg and features a non-slip coating for excellent stability.

The central aluminum tubular structure, developed by TRIANGLE, guarantees structural rigidity while absorbing unwanted vibrations. The stand features a cable management system at the rear for discreet integration. It can be filled with fine sand or steel balls to enhance sound performance.
The S05 speaker stands feature a refined design, combined with a wide choice of colors, for perfect integration into your interior. The bottom plate boasts an elegant glass finish molded at high temperature. It incorporates an adaptive decoupling system with variable-height steel spikes or rubber feet, to be used depending on your flooring.

The S05 stands are sold in pairs and are available in four finishes: Glossy Black and White, Satin Light Grey and Dark Wood.

* A special mounting system is available for TRIANGLE Comète 40th anniversary models.