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Pack AIO Twin + Lunar 1

Triangle has developed, in partnership with the famous Austrian manufacturer Pro-ject, a turntable exclusively designed to match AIO TWIN speakers. Thanks to its integrated Phono MM preamplifier, connect your turntable directly to the speakers and listen to your 33 & 45 rpm records easily.

Made up of an MDF top, a straight aluminum tonearm and an Ortofon OM-5E cartridge, this turntable offers a complete, demanding and high-quality Hi-Fi system.

The TRIANGLE by Pro-Ject turntables are available in packs in the same paint finishes of the AIO TWIN for a harmonious whole. The turntable has a protective cover.

Recommendations: For an optimal listening experience, position your AIO TWIN speakers at ear height with the S02 or S01 speaker stand.