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AIO3 + AIO C Pack

The AIO 3 is an ultra-connected all-in-one speakers. Designed in the greatest audiophile tradition, it will deliver sound worthy of the greatest Hifi systems anywhere in your home. A major innovation, AIO technology allows you to stream all your tracks in High-Res (24bits/192kHz) and set up a multi-room network with all the devices in the AIO range.

The AIO 3 speaker features a wide range of connectivity options to meet all your needs. Live with AIO to the rhythm of your music, without constraint, according to your desires.

The AIO C lets you transform all your existing speakers or Hi-Fi system into a modern, connected system: that's the strength of the AIO C. This small, compact streamer packs all the benefits and features of AIO technology into its brushed aluminum case. Stream your high-resolution music to your amplifier or active loudspeaker, and integrate them into your AIO multiroom network.

Simple to install and use, the AIO C will introduce you to the world of connected hi-fi and high-resolution sound. You'll never look back.