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Custom speaker - Secret LCR7

The SECRET LCR7 is a 2-way in-wall speaker equipped with two 170mm midrange/bass drivers with a polypropylene membrane, and a 25mm adjustable silk dome tweeter.

Designed for both stereo and home theater use, the LCR7 is a speaker that excels in both horizontal and vertical positions. You can use them as front, center and surround channels in your stereo and home theater setups.

The bandwidth of 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz makes it possible to accurately reproduce every detail of your favorite music or movies. Offering an efficiency of 90dB and a maximum power handling of 140W, the LCR7 will adapt to any type of amplifier. The crossover also features a protection against potential power surges coming from the amplifier.

For optimum performance, the speaker adapts to the acoustic environment thanks to various sound settings. The low and high frequency levels can be adjusted in 3 positions (-2dB, 0 and +2dB) and the adjustable tweeter, makes it possible to optimize the listening position.